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Design Consultancy
Need a fresh pair of eyes to assess the current look and feel of your brand? Just give us a call; we can provide you with a comprehensive report which includes a full appraisal of your branding, current marketing strategy, research into what your competitors are doing, along with fresh ideas for you to consider moving forward. We offer an unbiased perspective and there is absolutely no obligation to continue working with Inspired Information Services following the report; its purpose is simply to give a professional insight into the impact and appeal your business is having on your clientele.
Technical Consultancy
Inspired Information Services offers a comprehensive technical consultancy service. Using our expert knowledge, we provide technical assessments and appraisals of existing software systems. These could include: an evaluation of system health; investigation as to whether correct software engineering practices have been used, along with recommended adjustments for best usability experience; a check to ensure data protection and standards compliance have been met.
We can also provide support with the design and creation of bespoke software solutions for your business using OpenSource technology, or specialist build. With a custom built system, there is no need to compromise on your requirements; we can equip you with a modern, time saving solution that perfectly matches your business processes and goals. Whilst bespoke systems can often cost a premium, our expertise and proven track record of deploying business critical systems means we are uniquely positioned to offer our services at affordable prices for businesses of any size.
If you have a set of requirements you would like to discuss, or need some additional help maintaining an existing system, just get in touch; we would love to discuss your project with you.