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GDPR Review
  • GDPR – Website review 
    We conduct a review of your website to determine the level of GDPR compliance and along with a security review of the website, provide feedback on the gaps that need to be addressed and action items required to close them. Inspired-IS can assist with reviewing and/or amending existing website policies or where required create the necessary documentation.
  • GDPR – Company review

    Gaining an understanding of how your organisation is currently placed against the GDPR is possible through a GDPR review. The aim of the review is to gain an understanding of how the business functions. Through telephonic or onsite interviews with the relevant heads of department, we gain insight into what information is collected, processed and stored within each department. Questions around the security processes and controls of the information held requires us to also chat to your IT staff.  Feedback is provided on the areas that need to be addressed and action items listed. Inspired-IS can assist with the remediation activities which typically are: reviewing and/or updating of existing policies, creation of missing policies, training and advice.